There’s a lot of things which are not so easy on your own. Going out to a restaurant by yourself can feel awkward. Going to the theatre on your own might also be something you wouldn’t do.

As for sports and activities, these are often just not possible unless you have other people to do them with. You can’t play tennis unless you have someone to play tennis with and a three person canoe is meant for three people together. Other activities, whether it be going ten pin bowling or skiing are much more enjoyable with some company. And other things to do, such as falconry or archery, tend to be group activities, where you need a group to book with.

This is where THE SOCIAL GROUP UK comes in.

Lots of things are better when you have some company and people to share the experience with. So join us, make the most of your free time, and enjoy a better social life!



Many people miss out on travel simply because they have no-one to go on holiday with.

No worry… Now you can go on holiday with us!

In a group, we can share costs, get group rates, hire a boat or a bus for a group tour, and benefit from the safety and security of travelling in a group.



When you join THE SOCIAL GROUP UK you join our ready-made “group of friends” and have the opportunity to join in with our prfessionally-organised social events.

When you are part of the group, lots more is possible!

We hope to hear from you soon.

Give us a call and we’ll get you started!

Everyone made welcome!